Why tables?

Why is that important?

Tables are an important part of human life, history and art and still have an impact until this day. The famous painting of Da Vinci, The Last Supper, has a table in it’s center. In King’s Arthur story we hear about the famous round table. In the most well known office of the White House, the most popular object is a piece of unmovable furniture, the oval table. An so on.

In our everyday lives, we seat around tables; in our offices (as desks), studios and schools, in our coffee shops, in restaurants, and most of all in the dinner tables in our homes. The table is an inseparable part of our work, study, social and family life.

Are you ready to make history? You too, may need a special table that will allow you to focus your conversation on what’s important.

Edelwood can help. Even though tables existed long before us, we feel privileged to be the creators of unique epoxy resin wood tables in such a generation as this one.