Why the name “Edelwood”?

Among almost an infinite number of choices why did we pick to name our company with the words Edelwood?

First, the word “EDEL”. The meaning of the word Edel is very wide in the German speaking world. It has different aspects and may touch different notions, depending on the setting and context.
In the sense of human values, it may mean noble and/or gentle, refined and polite. For instance, the word Edelmann in German, can be translated as gentleman in English. But as an attribute to the material word (things) it means grandiose and pretty.

Here are some more meanings to the word “Edel”: Precious, Fine, Aristocratic, Gallant and Regal.

We take pride in the fact of using the name Edel for our company, because we create grandiose products that carry and represent a noble way of living.

Second, the word “WOOD”. Even though we implement other materials as part of our products, wood is the main material to be noticed. Related to the field of furniture, everybody thinks of wood as the primary quality material. We feel that should not change.

We strongly believe the name Edelwood represents the values and quality we bring to our clients.