About Edelwood; The provider of your epoxy resin wood table.

Your next epoxy resin wood table is ready to enter in your living room!
How can we describe it?
Feels NOBLE.

The Company
We are Edelwood, an artisanal wood working company specializing in a profile for handcrafted epoxy resin wood tables.
The location of the company is Winterthur, Switzerland.

Our Tables
When someone looks at our tables, it’s impossible not to think of:

Our tables are not simply furniture products. They are born out of a vision. An aim that anticipates noble living, a dignity for the family and respectful hospitality.

No automated tables and no machine made tables are produced from the workshop of Edelwood.
Every single one of our tables is made from human hands, crafted with affection for both form and function.

We concentrate on difference, value and quality. An owner of an epoxy resin wood table will feel part of a distinct surroundings and will be presented with a sense of worth and importance.

Every epoxy resin wood table is mainly made of special wood (cherry tree, walnut tree, olive tree, oak tree, etc) epoxy resin and supported with metal structure. But other materials are also introduced in our tables, like; stone, glass, antique objects, sand, leaves, special metals, etc. Our materials communicate stability, strength and longevity.

We love to create. And we create with love. Far from boring or common, we engage in innovative ways to create original epoxy tables. Say hello to the element of surprise emerging from the the mix of nature and human creativity.

Not two of our tables are the same and each of them varies from the others. That’s why the individual taste for the beauty of our clients will be complimented and the feeling of owning a special epoxy resin wood table will bring a rich sense of exclusiveness.

We materialize what we want, but we would love to materialize what you want. Let us create a bridge of communication and allow us to know your preferences so we may create the table that will fit in your heart and home. Any ideas? From measurement, to the kind of materials of wood, epoxy, metal and to look and feel, we will find the right balance.

In the modern world of interior design it’s hard to escape the strong impact of an epoxy resin and wood table. It’s catchy, edgy and inspiring.

Contact us for more questions or to order an epoxy resin wood table!

Thank you!